Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trouble in Pendleton?

Today a dear old friend, Marc Farrer, texted me while I was driving to Greenwood to watch Jackass 3D. Suffice it to say Marc dropped a real bomb on me. He claimed he wished to sell his beautiful (freshly restored) 1968 SS Camaro soon! Wow, I was there when the car was merely primer and a middle-aged friend's dream. I was also there when it came out of the body shop. He even let me drive the car. That was a bittersweet moment because I was sincerely happy for my childhood friend, but so jealous that I wanted to punch him in the head. It was smooth, loud, fast and super tight for a 68'. I thought about the derelict 1969 SS Chevelle rotting in my garage and I slipped into a mini depression. Damn this Camaro was (is) SO sweet.

My initial response to Marc's text message included slight chest pains (although I replied calmly), "Um, ugh Marc, we probably need to chat first". So tomorrow we will meet at high noon to discuss his intentions. Perhaps we'll do a bit of soul searching. I've never talked anyone down from a ledge before. This could be my big chance to help a friend and fellow classic car enthusiast through a weak moment. In the meantime, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and participate in the poll entitled: "What is the real reason Marc Farrer wants to sell his beloved Camaro"? and tell Marc what you think.

The Bob McDorman Collection

Mecum Auto Auctions will be selling The Bob McDorman Collection at their November 6, 2010 auction. The McDorman collection will feature over 150 cars including many amazing Corvettes.
Bunkie Knudsen's 1963 Stingray would look mighty good under my Christmas tree!
Check out the line-up on

Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Auction Season

The 2010 auction season is under way! Watch for new posts soon regarding Mecum and Barrett Jackson!